How to Brew South Indian Filter Coffee using Moka Pot

A Moka pot has 2 parts, upper and lower chamber. A coffee decoction is prepared using hot water + ground coffee ( coffee powder ) and hot water goes in the lower chamber. The lower chamber has a coffee basket or filter in which the ground coffee ( coffee powder ) needs to be filled. The upper chamber is where the decoction is collected when placed on stovetop or burner. 

The step by step process: 


1. Disassemble the 2 parts and pour hot water into the lower chamber.  

Prepare hot water in a kettle and pour it into the bottom part of the chamber till the valve. Please note - Do not use boiling water as the decoction can get you a burnt taste.



2. Add Coffee Powder into the round Coffee Basket/Filter

Pour the coffee powder into the basket and gently press it to make the powder level even. And place it in the lower chamber.




3. Screw Both the parts ( upper and lower chamber ) and place it on the Stove Top/Burner.

Keep the upper lid open while placing the Moka pot on Stovetop and keep the heat level to low or medium. 



4. Coffee Brewing

You will see coffee decoction accumulating in the upper chamber. When the chamber is 3/4th full and you hear a gurgling sound, remove it from the stovetop.



5. Cool the Moka pot in Running Water

Tilt the Moka pot slightly under your kitchen sink’s tap and allow running water to cool the Moka pot for 15 to 30 seconds. This is done to stop the coffee from excessively brewing which might give you a burnt taste.



6. South Indian Coffee Preparation

A perfect cup of aromatic South Indian Filter Coffee is prepared using hot milk + decoction + sugar. Add 1 teaspoon sugar into a coffee cup, 1/4th freshly brewed coffee decoction and 3/4th cup of hot milk. Take another empty cup, pour the coffee back and forth for a nice froth. Enjoy your cup of coffee with a big smile.



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