Exploring the Legacy of Panduranga Coffee: Chikmagalur's Pioneering Brew

From Humble Beginnings to Global Recognition: The Inspiring Journey of Panduranga Coffee Chikmagalur over 85 Years and Four Generations.

Panduraanga Coffee's South Indian Filter Coffee

Brewing for over 85 years and spanning four generations, Panduranga Coffee's rich heritage reveals an enchanting tale of humble beginnings evolving into an acclaimed coffee roasting business.

Panduranga Coffee Founder

Founder Story:

The seeds of this extraordinary journey were sown back in 1938, when our visionary founder, Sri Papanna Setty, embarked on a small-scale coffee enterprise in the picturesque coffee land of Chikmagalur. His perseverance and foresight established a sturdy foundation that allowed succeeding generations to flourish.

The baton was then passed onto his successors, Sri K.P Panduranga Setty and Sri K.P Sathyanarayana Setty. These innovative pioneers blessed the coffee aficionados of southern India with the unique taste and aromatic charm of Panduranga Coffee.

The Pioneer: 

Sri K.P Sathyanarayana Setty, driven by his father's spirit, committed himself to perfecting the blend of Panduranga Coffee, aiming for a matchless flavour profile and consistent quality. Embracing the traditional practices of roasting coffee with charcoal heat and utilizing electric roasters, he initiated the small-scale manufacture of coffee powder. This venture gradually burgeoned, serving both the passionate coffee-drinking community.

Keeping pace with the evolving technology, Sri K.P Sathyanarayana Setty incorporated German Machines into their process in 1970, thereby catalysing the dynamic expansion and progress of the brand. His unflagging diligence has been instrumental in propelling the company's significant growth.


Panduranga Coffee Chikmagalur Owners


The subsequent generation - his sons Mr Venkatesh, Mr Sridhar and Mr Deepak, and grandson Mr Karthik - stepped into the family enterprise and now spearhead the company's daily operations. Under their guidance, Panduranga Coffee has deepened its engagement in the coffee business - from cultivation, production, transportation, to the ultimate selling of their products to the end consumer.

Panduranga Coffee Today:

Panduranga Coffee is proud to be India's only Filter Coffee brand that uses 100% German Machines to roast and grind coffee and chicory. The origin of Panduranga Coffee is from the birthplace of coffee in India - Chikmagalur.

Coffee is sourced from high altitude coffee plantation in Chikmagalur. The entire process of coffee processing from roasting, blending, cupping & packaging- everything takes place in Panduranga Coffee's Manufacturing Unit in Chikmagalur. 

Panduranga Coffee Chikmagalur Manufacturing Unit



Panduraga Coffee has one of the biggest coffee retail shop in heart of Chikmagalur town attracting large number of tourists and travelers every day. 

Panduranga Coffee Chikmagalur Store


Panduranga Coffee Chikmagalur Store

Cementing its global footprint, Panduranga Coffee has widened its coffee enterprise to international shores as Panduranga Coffee Global ( online ) reaching the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and UAE. Expansion to more countries are in pipeline making Panduranga Coffee patrons enjoy their favorite South Indian Filter Coffee worldwide.

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