How to make the easiest iced coffee at home.

Quick Iced Coffee in under 5 minutes using Aroma Pocket Coffee Drip Bag.


What do You need?

  1. Ice Cubes - 4
  2. Panduranga Coffee’s Aroma Pocket Drip Bag - 1
  3. Hot water 
  4. Milk & Sugar ( optional )


Quick Brew Aroma Pocket Coffee Drip Bags


Aroma Pocket Coffee Drip Bags - The fastest way to brew filter coffee. An awesome coffee, an easy and quick way to brew. Perfectly made for creative smart fast-paced individuals like you who are busy creating the best lives for themselves, and who want a great cup of Filter coffee without having to compromise on the taste, flavour and aroma. And most importantly less time to brew.



  1. Rip open the aroma pocket drip bag along the cutting line and hang it in your cup.
  2. First, pour little hot water into the bag to brew the coffee, then add hot water twice till the rim of the bag. Once you get sufficient decoction take out the drip bag and discard it.
  3. Add ice cubes.
  4. Add Milk & Sweetener/Sugar/Jaggery if needed. 

An easy home brew for an easy going soul. Don't miss out on this delicious iced coffee recipe. 



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