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Most coffee beans are born twins.  Within each cherry on the coffee tree, two beans are grown side by side, resulting in the flat face of most beans.Peaberries, however, occur when only one of the two seeds is fertilized, growing on its own without anything to flatten it. 

As a result of heir independence, peaberry observes all the goodness.  Many coffee connoisseurs have suggested that each peaberry in infused with all the assets normally reserved for two beans.  These beans are most certainly unique and livelier cup with sweeter and bright taste, so giving special liquoring .

Roast Level





4500 feet.


Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India (South)

Brew with

Moka Pot / South Indian Filter / Coffee Maker (With Chicory Blend)

Moka Pot / South Indian Filter  / French Press / Coffee Maker (Pure Coffee)


How to Brew with Moka Pot


What is so special about this coffee? What is High Altitude Coffee?

Coffee beans that are grown at higher altitudes tend to be harder and richer. Due to higher elevations there is less oxygen in the air. This causes the plant to grow slower giving it more time to mature. The beans develop more intense flavor profiles with different tastes and stays 2 months longer in the plant.
Higher altitudes are considered ideal for growing the coffee plant. With cooler temperatures delaying the growth cycle allows the beans to go through a longer maturation process. Thus creating a much fuller, richer and more flavorsome coffee.


- 1 Pack = 500 grams/1.1 Lb

- Choose 2 Pack or 4 Pack size for quantity discounts.