84 Years in the Making of Coffee!

Four Generations of Coffee Roasters

We are a premium coffee roasters with a history close to 84 years in coffee business. Our brand “Panduranga Coffee” is etched with traditional south Indian roots serving the best ground coffee to a large market in India and Overseas. We source the best of coffee beans from well-grown coffee plantations in Chikmagalur. Our retail store is situated in the heart of Chikmagalur ( M.G Road ), a hill station known for the birth of Coffee in India.


It all started in the year 1938 when our founder Sri Papanna Setty launched a small coffee business in Chikmagalur. His great vision and hard work have set up a successful platform for future generations.


Later his sons Sri K.P Panduranga Setty and Sri K.P Sathyanarayana Setty took over the reins. The enterprising pioneers who gave coffee loving south Indians the gift of Panduranga Coffee.

“Sri K.P Sathyanarayana Setty just like his father strived to make Panduranga Coffee the perfect coffee with unparalleled flavor and consistent quality”. Initially, he was roasting in charcoal and electric coffee roasters and started process of manufacturing coffee powder in small scale. Gradually the business expanded by supplying to the coffee drinking community and hotels.

By inducing new ideas and technology, Sri K.P Sathyanarayana Setty in 1970 imported German Machine. His tireless efforts are responsible for the dynamic growth and progress of the company.


His sons Mr. Venkatesh, Mr. Sridhar and Mr. Deepak and his grandson Mr. Karthik entered the family business and now oversee the day to day affairs of the company. Panduranga Coffee has been totally involved in the business of Coffee from growing, manufacturing, transporting and selling the products to the consumer.