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100% Pure Instant Coffee by Panduranga Coffee is the quintessence of purity and simplicity in a cup. This exceptional instant coffee is crafted for the purists, offering nothing but 100% premium coffee from high altitude coffee plantations, meticulously selected and processed to preserve the essence of true coffee flavor.

This is our signature flavor. The smooth, mild roasted taste comes from using high quality responsibly sourced coffee beans from Chikmagalur coffee estates. 

This instant coffee delivers an intensely sophisticated and aromatic taste.

If you appreciate the authentic taste of coffee without any additives or blends then you will high likely enjoy this 100% pure instant coffee.

If you enjoy the art of making coffee but sometimes need a quicker alternative to the usual brewing routine will find this instant coffee a satisfactory compromise. It provides the taste of freshly brewed coffee in an instant form.


1. Take 1 tsp (1.5g) of Panduranga 100% Pure Instant Coffee in a cup
2. Add 1 tsp (7g) Sugar
3. Add 1 cup (120ml) of Hot Milk, Stir Well and Enjoy a Great Cup of Coffee.

- 1 Pack = 200 grams/7 oz