Tea Trio Bundle

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Dive into a world of authentic flavors and wellness with our handpicked tea bundle, specially curated to offer you a unique tea-drinking experience.

Bombay Cutting Chai

Experience the bustling streets of Mumbai without leaving your home. This treasured blend captures the essence of India's most vibrant city, offering an impeccable mix of strong black tea leaves and aromatic spices. Relish the tradition with each sip and feel the warmth of spices like ginger, cardamom, fennel, and cinnamon.

Bluepea & Mint Green Tea

A sensory masterpiece that combines the beauty and flavor of nature in a single cup. This herbal infusion showcases a vibrant blue hue from the enchanting butterfly blue pea flowers, harmoniously blended with the invigorating green notes of fresh mint leaves. Every sip is a journey into refreshment and revitalization, offering both soothing and invigorating flavors.

Chamomile Green Tea

 Embrace serenity with our Chamomile Green Tea. This delightful blend marries the calming essence of chamomile flowers with the subtle sophistication of green tea leaves. Beyond its captivating appearance and refreshing taste, this tea serves as a wellness elixir, offering potential health benefits from its rich antioxidants and natural calming properties.

Bundle Benefits:
- Authentic and Premium Blends: Sourced directly from the heart of India, ensuring a superior taste in every cup.
- Wellness Elixir: Each tea offers unique health benefits, from relaxation and stress relief to aiding digestion and detoxification.
- Perfect for All Moments: Whether you're kickstarting your day, seeking a mid-afternoon revival, or winding down in the evening, this bundle caters to all your moods.

Elevate your tea time with the magic of India's diverse flavors. Indulge in the Panduranga Coffee's Exquisite Tea Trio Bundle.